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A Threat?

We know that grassroots and high level amateur sport is under threat due to a shortage of officials. Officials joining the game are lower than we would all like them to be and not enough to replace those leaving. Whistle Finder wants to help solve this threat and help make officiating easy. Whilst we have an early stage vision, we want to work with all governing bodies and provide our assistance wherever we can


Our first vision is to increase retention of existing officials.  Our research has shown that there are 3 areas of frustration:

Administration - there is no coherent way of identifying games that are suitable, this results in a high level of informal communication channels that are impacting on the officials free time

Lack of suitable games - Officiating games at the level desired to further their officiating career are not as easy to find as expected

Lack of development opportunities - Finding mentors to develop their career and skills

By creating Whistle Finder we aim to remove these frustrations


By resolving the retention problem we now have officials participating for longer and with less frustration and noise. The more officials we have the better the chance of career progression and an increase in mentors for others looking to further their career


We know that it is going to take some time to fix this problem and we cannot do it alone, we want to work with all governing bodies to understand your unique challenges, what has worked, what has not, and to develop solutions together. 

Let's Work Together

Please do contact us.  Working together we can solve this

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